"Long Island Computer Repair Service "We Come To You"
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  • Do you come to the house?

    YES! We come to your home or business and fix it on the same day. You will meet the person who will be working on your computer. We are here to help you.

  • How fast can you fix my PC or laptop computer?

    We work very fast and equally efficient! Usually we can fix any type of problem and complete your computer repair within 24 hours. In situations where we must order parts there may be a short delay as we wait for the delivery, but express delivery may be available upon request.

  • Who will be fixing my computer?

    Our staff consists of professional and friendly adult technicians. Each tech has a minimum of 25 years experience working with computer repairs and trouble shooting. Everyone in our company was born, raised and lives in Long Island.


  • How long has your company been in business?

    We have over 26 years experience fixing computers for customers here in Long Island.

    Our lead technician, Neal has been providing computer repair service since 1990. At the time Neal was only 15 years old he quickly earned the reputation as a prodigy who can diagnose and fix any kind or computer problems... even the most complicated computer problems that had experienced professionals stumped.


For information about pricing or anything not listed above please call toll free (877) 783-2443. We may ask you a few simple questions such as the type & age of your computer in order to give you an accurate estimate. We usually beat any price from any other company but it is very important to us to present you a fair and accurate estimate.

We are a full service computer repair company who prides itself on honesty, courtesy, friendliness and we can fix anything! Our reputation and word of mouth is important to us. We work hard to provide premium help services at very fair prices!
Call Toll Free (877) 783-2443. Here at ECW you will always get fast, affordable, professional Long Island computer repair service.


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