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We also have a new remote service that allows us to remotely access your computer using Microsoft encryption and fix any of your computer problems with the click of a button. This service is safe, secure and very cost effective saving you a lot of money and time. We even have the ability to restart your computer, restart in safe mode and still be connected without having to reconnect. We can upload file and you may also chat with us live as we are working. We are a long island computer repair company.

You will also be able to watch everything going on live in your own screen. When are done we will exit your computer and will not have anything left  when we are disconnected. This way to fix problems is a great asset to our company and we hope you let us show you how great it is. Here at ECW you will always get fast, affordable, professional Long Island computer repair service.

Remote Access:

  • Printer Repair
  • Virus Removal
  • Firewalls
  • Network Mapping
  • Error Messages

Remote Access:

  • Clean Outs
  • Software Installations
  • Router & Switches
  • Password Recovery
  • Computer Optimization
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Many people have tried other remote access programs just to become very confused and sometimes impossiable. We guarantee to resolve your problem or you don't pay.

Mention code NY151 for a discount on Password Recovery.

Commercial. Remote Access

We will do a remote access connection that is Microsoft encrypted for your safety. After we complete the job we will disconnect and end the session and remove the software from your computer

Network Remote Access

We can login to your server to fix many problems right away.

Email Support

We can fix email problems due to a setings problem or a configuration issue right away, so there is no wating for someone to get to your location.

Remote Access Support

We are able to help with your remote access needs so your can rest assure that we will be here for you 24 / 7.

For Immediate Onsite or
Remote Support

tel. 877.783.2443

We will connect to your computer and fix it while you watch.

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