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Did you know that when you buy a brand new computer it is pre-loaded with so much junk that it makes the computer run 25% slower then if you had just removed it. We have proven that we can take a machine that is brand new and do what us computer guys call Magic and we can get the computer run 35-40% faster then it did.

Let us show you how we can turn your slow, run down, tired computer and turn it in the work horse it once was. We are a long island computer repair company.

When we are unable to do data recovery because of an internal error that is way beyond out capabilities, we will send out your drive to the professionals. We have the confidence that they will be able to recover what you want the most.

We also are partnered with a company so we will be able to get a great discount sometimes up to 20 % less. Furthermore, there is no charge if we are unable to get anything off the hard drive. So you can rest assure that you will have nothing to lose. Here at ECW you will always get fast, affordable, professional Long Island computer repair service.

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Here are some of the most common problems of data loss:

  • Anti Virus Always Running
  • To many Internet Files
  • File system not in order
  • Having the wrong settings
  • Having A Virus Will Do This
  • Deleted or corrupted log file
  • File system corruption
  • Deleted or corrupted log file
  • Not Enough Memory
  • The Fan Not Working As It Should
  • Needs Updates
  • Corrupt Files
  • Software Problem
  • Bad Sectors On Hard Drive
  • Bad Internal Part

Apple Mac Data Recovery Service

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We do data recovery on all mac computers
We also do Data Recovery on All Mac's. We are able to retrieve deleted, formatted or erased data that might of accidentally happened.